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Tasty News for January, 2017

Ripe, sweet, peaches - in January? Amazing, but true: Chilean farmers are now able to test for sugar content before they pick their peaches! That means we peach lovers can take full advantage of the fact that it's summer in Chile, and the peaches on our grocers' shelves not only look delicious, they are everything you could want in a ripe, juicy peach! And while you're there, don't miss the seedless grapes, also from Chile (and Peru). Don't you love to bite into a plump, juicy and sweet grape? They're in, and they are ready to eat!

Locally grown artichokes have arrived in the stores, too. There is nothing like an artichoke from Castroville or Watsonville. They are several steps above artichokes grown anywhere else - succulent, meaty and just plain delicous! Look for the artichokes with thorns - they're the real thing.


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